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Disc Name: Litex

Backup Pad:

The Litex disc has a plastic back and does not require a backup pad.

Grain types available:

A/O (Aluminum Oxide)
S/C (Silicon Carbide)
These grain types are very aggressive.

Disc Styles:

The Litex disc is flat with a plastic back.

Safety Compliance:

ISO 9001 Approved
European Standard EN 13743


The Litex fits most angle grinders and does not require a backing pad. The Litex attaches directly to the hand of the grinding machine.


In comparison to depressed center wheels or resin fiber discs the Litex is lighter, cuts faster, and grinds faster while leaving an even surface.

ZEC Litex
ZEC Litex




The Litex cuts faster than a conventional grinding disc.


Less time and labor to complete the grinding task.


The Litex disc design minimizes the loading of material being ground on the disc.


The Litex disc will continue to grind when conventional discs will fail due to loading.


The Litex disc design includes holes in the disc that allows the disc to grind cooler by increasing air flow and grinding material ejection.


Maintaining a cooler work surface and a cooler disc surface will maximize the life of the disc.

Longer Life


Longer Life

Multiple layers of grain, a spiral disc surface, and air cooling holes are all part of the Litex disc design that gives it a longer lifespan compared to conventional discs.

No Backing Pad

The Litex has a hard pastic back and does not require a backup pad.
No Backing Pad

The elimination of a backup pad lowers costs.


If your disc is missing the ZEC logo and "Made in Italy" you are using an imitation.

ZEC®, Semiflex®, Litex®, and the spiral face of the disc are trade-marks registered by ZEC® Italy and U.S.A

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